Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Baby Piranhas

When I picked Aidan up from school today, I was sent home with the dreaded pink piece of paper....A.K.A an accident report. Because we get these quite frequently, I've learned to remain calm when they rifle through the pile on the front desk as I walk through the front door. The assistant proceeded to tell me that Aidan had been bit by another student during story time.

I glanced down at the pink report and read that the bite was on the right leg. As Aidan headed toward me, I couldn't see any "battle wounds", other than the self inflicted ones that were already there. I figured it couldn't be that bad, if the bite was already gone.

As I was buckling Aidan into the car seat, I asked him who bit him and where. He pulled his shorts up and right there on the meaty part of his thigh was the HUGE black and blue mark. I'm sure my eyes bugged out of my head.

Jenny: (excitedly) Aidan, why did Michael bite you?!
Aidan: (ever so calmly) He must have been hungry or somethin'.
Jenny: Didn't he have breakfast? (I was thinking this in my head, but must have said it out loud.)
Aidan: Yeah, he had breakfast.
Jenny: What did you do when he bit you?
Aidan: I hit him.
Jenny: Why did you hit him? (as if I really needed to ask this question)
Aidan: (noticably annoyed) Because he was eating my leg.

Enough said!

Hot Fun in the Summertime

With only a week under our belts in the "official" dog days of summer, we've been cherishing every minute....

Going through the sprinkler, in roller skates....who knew?!

Aidan is becoming an excellent swimmer.

Havin' A Blast!!