Tuesday, April 24, 2007

5th Birthday Celebration

The week after my sisters wedding, Paul, Aidan and I went away on a mini vacation to an indoor waterpark to celebrate Aidan's birthday. Aidan requested this over a party and we thought it would be nice to get away after all of the wedding hoopla in addition to the birthday celebration.

We left for the waterpark the day before his birthday. When he woke up he asked if he was 5 yet. We explained that he wouldn't be 5 until the following day, but we were going to start the celebration early. The next morning when we woke up at the hotel, Aidan again asked, "Mom, am I 5?" After confirming that he was 5, he got the biggest smile on his face and exclaimed, "Oh my gosh, I can't believe it!" It was so precious....I wish I would have gotten it on video. Priceless, I tell you. Priceless!

Then on Saturday, we celebrated with cake and ice cream with our parents and siblings. There were too many pictures to post, so I've created a video montage instead of posting individual pics. I hope you enjoy. We had an absolute blast!

April 14, 2007

Sorry, I haven't updated in a while. April has been a whirlwind of activity for us. We have had a blast, but I'll be glad when I can call April history.

On April 14th, my sister got married and Aidan played ringbearer for the 5th time. I've gotta give him credit...he is 5 for 5 in making it down the aisle. What a trooper. This was the first wedding where he was old enough to really enjoy the reception and that he did!! He shook his little booty all night long. So much so that we had to give him motrin that night because he was crying that his feet hurt him so badly.