Thursday, December 28, 2006


Wow, I can't believe a week ago we were giddy with the anticipation of Christmas. Now, it is written in the history books. I have so many pictures I don't know where to start. I desperately need a scrapbooking weekend just to catch up on this holiday season. They were darn good memories, but I feel a sigh of relief that they are over.

Aidan and I have been spending alot of time together, just playing with new toys and enjoying each others company. We even took in a movie yesterday morning....Charlotte's Web. We give it 5 stars!! I can tell a huge difference in our interactions now that Christmas is over. It is such a relaxing time with him now. I think the anticipation was a little much for both of us. We are in a period of recovery.

I enjoyed writing in the blog everyday, but I have to admit....that was hard, especially during the holiday season. I thought it would be easy because I would have so much to write about. Yeah, right! So much to write about, so little time. It has been nice to take the last couple of days off.

I thought you'd like to see some pictures of our Christmas, so here you go. I am off to cook dinner for just the three of us....and looking forward to the normalcy it brings!!

Aidan and Kaylea playing with the new Doodle Monster

Josh and Aidan show off their new fish....Thanks, Uncle Keith & Aunt Kathy!!

Hollee, Kaylea, Josh & Aidan make Christmas ornaments!

The littlest ones tackle Charles

Aidan plays with his new race track from Santa!

All of the toys he received and he had the most fun with the box....and Uncle Randy, of course!!

Monday, December 25, 2006

December 25, 2006

‘Twas the night before Christmas
And all through the house,
Not a creature was still,
Especially at our house!
The stockings were hung
By the chimney with care
Our countdown to Christmas,
Almost too much to bear.
The family finally gathered
For games and good cheer,
One last joyous gathering
To end a good year.
While visions of presents
Filled the children’s heads.
We all headed home
For the anticipation ahead.
When from Aidan’s room
there arose such a din
Of “I’m thirsty, I’m hungry,”
And “Mom, tuck me in!”
Away to dreamland
He finally went,
He fought a good fight,
But that boy was spent.
With dreams of toys and candy
That would come the next day,
Aidan looked so peaceful,
In the bed as he lay.
And just when I thought
I got to sleep,
In flew Aidan,
Run, jump, bounce and leap
I knew in a moment,
Sleep was no longer ahead.
And so slowly I stirred
And got out of bed.
More rapid than eagles,
To the Christmas tree he flew.
And he whistled and shouted
And called out, “Ya-Hoo!”
“Oh Mama, Oh Daddy,
Oh Java, can it be?
Santa has come and left
All this for me!”
He bounced off the ceiling, and
He bounced off the wall.
We couldn’t contain his excitement--
No not at all!
As the boxes were opened,
The paper did fly,
We were met with the gleam
Of joy in his eye.
So, up to the challenge
Of assembling the toys
Daddy worked like an elf
Amid all the noise.
Daddy spoke not a word,
But went straight to work
He worked very quickly,
Then turned with a jerk
And laying down his tools,
Wiping the sweat from his nose
And then saying “I’m done,”
To the coffeepot dad rose.
To all his new toys,
For which he’d been wishin’
Away Aidan flew,
Like he was on a mission.
But, I heard him exclaim
In the dawn’s early light,
“Merry Christmas to all,
I hope Santa comes back tonight!”

Sunday, December 24, 2006

December 24, 2006

Well, this is it!! We've made it to Christmas Eve. The night of great anticipation. We are so excited and happy to be spending the next two days with our families. Aidan is bouncing (and I literally mean bouncing) off of the walls. It is going to be so exciting.

Last night we spent the evening with Denise and Randy (Paul's sister and husband). We started the evening out with a great Mexican feast and headed to a Holiday Night event. We strolled through 200 years of American holiday celebrations. There were homes to visit, staged musical perfomances, holiday vignettes, live reindeer and skilled artisan demonstrations. There was an outdoor skating rink, as well. However, we decided to sip our mulled cider and spiked cocoa and watch the skaters go round and round.

It was an amazing to spend one last night in such a calm and relaxing way. With warm hearts, we celebrated the simple delights and traditions of the season and enjoyed caroling and a fireworks display at the end. It was fabulous evening with a fabulous couple!