Friday, February 15, 2008

100 Days of School

So today marks the 100th day of school. Apparently, this is a big deal in schools today. I've heard co-workers and friends discuss all of the many projects their children are completing for this milestone event.

Aidan doesn't often talk about school, so when he does, I am all ears. Last night, he was quite anxious about the 100 day of school event that the kindergarten class has planned. Today, the class will count to 100 over the "speaker", as Aidan calls it, to the entire school. This doesn't really seem like the type of thing that would bother Aidan, but he was really distraught about it last night. I played it up big, explaining it was like a radio and the whole school would think it was really cool and nobody else was going to get to do that, etc., etc., etc. He didn't say much after that, so I thought he was OK.

However, this morning, he complained of a stomach ache, feeling like he was going to throw up, etc. I told him he would be fine and sent him off to school. I warned his teacher that he was really anxious about it. However, I feel terrible about it. Mostly, because I know EXACTLY how he felt.

I was talking to Paul this morning about it. It was really hard for me to tell him it would be OK because that is exactly the sort of thing that WOULD have made me throw up when I was in school. Paul just laughed and said, "I can sympathize with him, as're talking to the boy who purposely misspelled words in the spelling bee so I didn't have to go on." LOL....this kid is doomed!