Friday, July 20, 2007

Just a Little Longer

At the beginning of the summer, Paul and I cleaned out Aidan’s closets and drawers. He had so many clothes that didn’t fit him anymore and some clothes that fit him, but he wouldn’t wear because, well….he is picky.

Since then, I have been mulling around the idea of a garage sale. I don’t mind the work of the garage sale, but my heart just can’t get rid of all of the baby stuff. We have EVERYTHING. We haven’t rid ourselves of anything baby. We still have all of the big stuff, such as a crib, a high chair, a changing table, etc. We have all of the medium stuff, such as excer-saucers and bouncy seats. We have clothes coming out of everywhere and just as many, if not more, toys. Just when I convince myself that I am just wasting space in our basement with all of this stuff and go down to sort through and begin the garage sale process, I pull out a piece of clothing or a toy from when Aidan was an infant and I just can’t do it. I look at the outfit that we brought him home from the hospital in and I just can’t imagine people rifling through the stuff in my garage.

I recently had a conversation with a co-worker regarding garage sales. She just had one and was trying to talk me out of it because it was just way to much work. The conversation suddenly turned deeper as I explained the real reason I was avoiding the garage sale. She told me that I should wait until I was ready to let go of all of the stuff before having a garage sale. I have thought a lot about this conversation and decided that I WILL wait. Eventually, I will be ready to let go of it all. The reality of the situation is that we probably won’t have any more children, but we haven’t made any permanent decisions. But for now, I will just keep the stuff in my basement. It’s been there this long, it can wait a little longer.

This morning, Aidan wanted to wear these bright blue/fluorescent green buzz light year shorts to school. I knew he had a fluorescent green shirt that would match, but since he had previously refused to wear it, we put it in the basement with all of the clothes that didn’t fit him anymore. So, I went down to the basement to drag it out. Well, of course, I had to dig through so many memories (I mean, clothes) to find the thing and it just made me sad. I looked over at Aidan who was standing eagerly over the box waiting for the fluorescent green shirt to appear and he suddenly looked so tall. I can’t believe how much he has grown. I am so proud of the little boy he has become, but it seems like just yesterday when he fit so perfectly in my hands. I eventually found an equally bright blue buzz light year shirt that matched his shorts. I didn’t search any further for the fluorescent green shirt. I shut the box, turned off the lights and headed up the stairs, content in the fact that all of the baby supplies will remain in our basement for a little while longer.