Monday, August 21, 2006

Slip Slidin' Away

Today was water day at school. Once a week during the summer months, the school puts out sprinklers, baby pools and other water fun for the kids to play in. When I picked Aidan up from school he looked a little sad and then I noticed that he had his bathing suit in his hand. It must have been the final water day of this summer. On the way home I asked Aidan how his day went. He told me all about water day and asked if he could continue water day at home.

When we got home, I immediately put the sprinkler on. As I came back in the house to get dinner started, I remembered that my great friend, Trista had given Aidan his first Slip-N-Slide as a gift. I decided that dinner wasn't as important as extending the final hours of water day. So, out the door I went with the spiderman box in my hand. Aidan went bonkers....which was quite funny in itself, considering that he didn't even know what a Slip-N-Slide was. The mere sight of spiderman was enough for him. As I was setting it up, he got this very concerned look on his face and couldn't understand how he was going to float because "this thing was flat." However, once it was set up and I explained that he simply had to run and throw himself on the ground (two of his very favorite things to do), he was sprinting across the yard. Thanks, Trista for such an awesome gift!! I'm only sorry that I didn't open it earlier in the summer.