Wednesday, September 06, 2006


This summer, we lost several of our friends and loved ones. It has caused many questions from Aidan. He is very vocal and inquisitive about death. He talks candidly about it, especially after the death of Paul's uncle. We answered many questions after that, but they have died down as of late. However, with the death of Steve Irwin, the questions come flooding back. It is amazing how the mention of the death of a complete stranger brings Aidan right back to being at an Uncle's funeral.

Last night's conversation went like this:

As we were getting ready for bed,
Aidan: Why are you crying?
Jenny: I'm not crying.
Aidan: Why WERE you crying?
Jenny: (puzzled) I wasn't crying.
Aidan: You were crying at Uncle Franks funeral. Daddy was crying and Grandma and Grandpa were crying too.
Jenny: Because we were sad, honey.
Aidan: Why?
Jenny: Because, Uncle Frank is in heaven and we won't be able to see him anymore.
Aidan: Why?
Jenny: Because he had a heart attack
What is a heart attack?
Jenny: It is when your heart gets really tired and can't beat anymore.
Aidan: Will your heart stop beating?
Jenny: (Oh, where is Paul when you need him?!?) Eventually, everyone's heart will stop beating some day. But, then you go to heaven and are reunited with the rest of your family who will be waiting there for'll get to see Uncle Frank again and you will have lots of fun with him.

A long silence....(just when I thought I was safe)

Aidan: (crying) But I don't want you to die
Jenny: Oh, mommy and daddy are going to be around for a really long time, Aidan. You don't have to worry about that right now.
Aidan: But after daddy drops me off at school tomorrow, his heart will stop beating and your heart will stop beating and I won't have anywhere to live.

We've always tried to be real with Aidan and answer his questions honestly. We hope and pray that he is smart and can think logically for himself. I don't know who said, "Be careful what you wish for" but boy, they weren't kidding!!