Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Burning Question

Last week, my skin was very oily. I decided that in addition to my normal face wash, I would try a face mask that claimed to produce a deep clean for extra oil control. Perfect!! Just what I need, right? You just put the stuff on, walk around looking like an alien for 10 minutes and VOILA...your skin is back to normal. Afterall, I typically have normal skin and I shouldn't require alot of product to get back to normal, right?

Well, after about 5 minutes after the mask application, my eyes were watering, skin was burning and I ran to the bathroom sink to wash it off. Everything looked fine. The next morning, as I washed my face I noticed little bumps everywhere on my face....and I mean everywhere! I couldn't see the bumps so I figured my skin was just going through a shock from the mask (and silently vowed never to use that mask product again.) A day or so later, the bumps didn't clear up and I thought it was acne. I had heard of adult onset acne, so I thought I would try to catch it early and lower the blow. So I borrowed a friends product (a television advertised product for acne). After one use, I thought my face was going to fall off. It was bright red, burning and itching. Paul said, "That is not acne, there is something wrong." and I panicked.

I ended up in the doctors office with all of the products that I used, so the doctor could see all of the ingredients involved. As soon as the doctor walked in, she asked, "what have you gotten into?". As she looked through my bag of product she just shook her head and said that I shouldn't be using any of those products....especially the Television advertised product. She told me that I have a chemical burn on my face. She banned all of my products, including my original face wash. I am applying hydrocortisone twice daily to treat the burn.

Will I ever get my skin back....that is the question?!?