Friday, August 03, 2007

What's in a Name?

Aidan: Mom, why do you call me Aidan?
Jenny: That's your name....Daddy and I chose it for you.
Aidan: Well, I wanted a different name.
Jenny: Really? Like what?
Aidan:'s too late now.

Never a dull moment around here.

How To Tell if a Car is a Dodge, or not

On the way to Aidan's T-Ball picnic last night, I (apparently) looked in the rearview mirror.

Aidan: Mom, what were you looking at in the mirror?
Jenny: To see if there were any cars behind us.
Aidan: Well, did you see any?
Jenny: Yes.
Aidan: What kind?
Jenny: A large, white one. (It was some sort of SUV)
Aidan: (trying to maneuver himself in his carseat to see behind us) Oh, mom, that's a Dodge Dealer.
Jenny: How do you know?
Aidan: See that Big G-M-C on the front of the car? That means it's a dodge dealer.

Hmmmm....I guess I know now.