Sunday, August 13, 2006

Good Ol' Summertime

There is not much to report here. We've been enjoying the last weekends of summer. Every sign that school will soon be here is lurking around every corner. We've been soaking in the nice weather, though. We've saw the 3-D version of Ant Bully (very cool!!), visited with friends and family, seen some baseball games and spent alot of time in the pool. Here are a couple of pictures, of Aidan, over the last couple of weeks. Enjoy! Aidan just got out of the bath and we're getting ready to wind down for the night, so I'll have to post again later. I just wanted to get an update out there for all of our Aidan fans!!

Aidan, with pal, Stephanie!

Aidan and Stephanie have been friends since birth. Stephanie's mom, Linda, and I were pregnant with our precious angels at the same time.