Saturday, July 14, 2007

My favorite part of summer...or is it?

This weekend is a time that I look forward too all year. The Summer Festivals and Street Fairs have arrived! Usually, they are on two different weekends, but this year, they both took place this weekend. It is a time when you wander the streets looking at different arts and crafts, eat yummy fair foods and simply enjoy the good ol' summertime.

On Friday, we attended the Art Fair with my mom. I was looking forward to it all week long, but when we arrived, I was a little disappointed. For some reason I felt rushed and I was really nervous about having Aidan with us. This is the first year when he wasn't in a stroller and I was just paranoid about where he was at all times. He was really good and held our hand most of the time, but I was still really uneasy.

Today, Aidan had a birthday party to go to. It was for a three hour time span. After we dropped Aidan off at the party, Paul and I headed to the Mid-Summer Festival. I thought I would enjoy it more if I didn't have to worry about Aidan. Again, I was disappointed. I liked the vendors much better than the Friday night Fair, but still, my heart wasn't in it. Paul and I wandered around long enough to kill some time before we had to pick Aidan up at the party. Although, I will say, it was nice to wander hand-in hand with Paul for a couple of hours.

We arrived at the party to pick up Aidan. He had a fabulous time and, of course, didn't want to leave. A clown came to the party and painted the kids faces. There were hot dogs, macaroni and cheese and all of his summer camp friends.....a perfect combination for a 5 year old boy. All of the little girls chose to have their faces done up like little fairies or butterflies. When I saw Aidan, I just gasped! Ahhhh...the joy of little boys!

Later in the evening, we drove over to a local park to throw rocks in the river. Really, I used it as another opportunity to play with my camera....Paul and Aidan did the rock throwing. When we got to the park, there was a family feeding a ground hog. This thing was eating right out of their hands! I couldn't believe it. One of the boys offered Aidan some peanuts and he was able to feed it too. It was really cool....I had never seen anything like it before in my life. And, of course, I didn't miss this photo opportunity! I think I know why I was so disappointed in the summer fairs. I would rather be taking photos....

Happy Birthday To Me!

Even though my birthday is not until the 23rd, I already got my present! Because Paul wanted to make sure that everthing was in working order, etc., he let me have my brand new Canon Digital Rebel XTi camera! This camera is SWEET!!!! I can't tell you how excited I am and have been taking pictures like crazy. Along with the camera, was a 4GM CF card, a telephoto lens and a case to hold all of my new toys. I've had the camera for about 3 days now and have taken almost 500 pictures. Hey, there is alot to learn on this new toy! I felt really special to have received such a generous gift!