Saturday, August 02, 2008

Aidan Funny

Aidan had been on a field trip on this particular day that I picked him up from summer camp. They had been on a boat ride down the river and then had a picnic in the park. On the way home from summer camp we had the following dialogue:

Jenny: So, how was your field trip today!
Aidan: It was great mom! Did you know there are fish in that river?
Jenny: Really? Did you like seeing those fish?
Aidan: Yes!

after a few minutes....

Aidan: Mom, Connor and I were hungry on that boat.
Jenny: They probably have rules about eating on the boat. Did you get to eat in the park afterwards?
Aidan: Yes, but we were hungry on the boat. (his tone getting angrier) They wouldn't give us anything to eat. All they gave us was grief!

It must be rough being six!


ckbjr522 said...

Hahahah, thats quality. The boy has a future thats for sure.

Maureen said...

So any updates on Aidan's starting 1st grade? :)