Thursday, September 18, 2008

First Grade Rockstar!

The first day of school has come and gone and school has kicked into high gear. It is going MUCH better than anticipated. Everything that the kindergarten teacher told us would happen, has. Aidan has grown up more than we realized.

Aidan seems to be enjoying school. He learned his first espanol song, in Spanish class, of course. He likes his new teacher and is thrilled to see his friends again. We worked really hard on his reading skills over the summer and it seems to have paid off.

We attended welcome back night where we got to meet his teacher for some one-on-one time. She is an older teacher and seems to truly love her job and the children and the children seem to respond to her well.

Aidan has his first test today, so I am anxious to pick him up and hear all about it. Overall, first grade is going GREAT for my little Rockstar!

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